Visionary Investment Group (VIG) is a leading innovative and diversified Australian investment, hotelier and property group. The group’s core capabilities are end-to-end funds management and investment, property developments, hotel operations, property sales and marketing, and assets management.

Founded in Sydney, VIG was born from a vision to create a company that could successfully combine its core capabilities, while continuing to offer proven integrated solutions for its stakeholders.

Principally located in Australia, VIG has since expanded its reach to mainland China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen.

An integrated approach gives VIG a competitive advantage in the creation of high quality assets across the entire lifecycle of a project; from funds management and investment, through to planning and design, construction and development, marketing, hotel operations, leasing, property management and long-term ownership.

With a strong focus on the end result for our stakeholders, VIG continually looks at redefining the landscape of our core capabilities to create stable outcomes.

A spirit of innovation and a relentless pursuit for the extraordinary is what drives VIG’s bespoke investment and property solutions.


    SR Capital is an Australian property fund manager and investor that transparently manages funds for a diverse range of investors, with a strong focus on Chinese and Australian investors.

    SR Capital’s objective is to present a truly unique investment experience that draws on the best of the East and West. Using the ancient wisdom of the original Silk Road, SR Capital is made from Australian fabric, with Chinese threads woven through it, which is why it understands investor’s needs, going much further than simply investment and the creation of wealth.

    SR Capital not only provides its investors with access to Australian real estate opportunities that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns, SR Capital also understands its investors in a way that only an Australian company with strong ties to China can.

    Since the establishment of SR Capital, transparency, compliance and a focus on performance have been at the core of everything it does. SR Capital builds long-term relationships based on trust, honest communication and shared values. It takes investors on a journey across the new Silk Road towards the creation of wealth, while looking after investor’s economic, education, as well as social needs.


    Visionary Investment Group (VIG) creates and delivers high quality and innovative, design-focused developments across a range of commercial, residential, hotel and resort sectors.

    A desire to inspire customers and create truly extraordinary urban environments, which draws on the best of the east and west with a global outlook, is what drives the experienced team to succeed. This visionary approach, successful track record, and careful site selection is what differentiates the VIG team.

    VIG’s in-house team is responsible for all aspects of the project process including:

    • Sourcing the ideal site;
    • Negotiating joint ventures or partnerships, if required;
    • Identifying options for optimising the deal structure;
    • Advising on issues relating to the environment and planning, as well as development approvals; Contractual rights and obligations;
    • Master planning;
    • Architecture and design;
    • Developing purpose built facilities;
    • Project management and marketing;
    • Funding.

    Visionary Investment Group (VIG) is the creator and developer of Silkari, an innovative and luxurious Australian residential property and hotel consumer-facing brand, which weaves the world’s finest elements to create experiences without parallel.

    The Silkari Story

    Weaving the Extraordinary

    VIG considered its company origins when looking for a name for its new property and hotel brand. It needed a symbol that truly represented its DNA. A name that was a blend of the company’s Australian and Chinese influences. One that showed both strength, beauty and innovation, as well a name that was a blend of Eastern and Western influences. This name needed to have global reach, yet be unique to the company. This is when the idea of Silk grew from brainstorming sessions, very much like silk itself, from a cocoon. And from that idea, Silkari was created.

    Silk has been coveted by the world, ever since it was born in China, over three thousand years ago. Its arrival heralded a golden age, as China wove its influence around the world. Since then to now, Silk has always been the single most loved item of beauty, strength and luxury without parallel for both the west and the east.

    Silkari has been inspired by the exceptional properties of silk – its beauty, its strength, its versatility, and this can be seen reflected in each and every Silkari project. Silk also embellishes everything it touches, rendering it more inviting, precious and desirable.

    Just like the ancient Silk Road did, Silkari brings people together to talk and to trade. On the Silk Road, cultures shared the best of themselves, in a truly golden age of innovation, communication and interaction. All along the Silk Road, the exquisite material of silk helped build relationships, foster cultural exchange and generate enormous wealth.

    Offering extraordinary experiences in luxury residential and innovative hospitality, Silkari fosters connections across cultures.

    An atmosphere undeniably Australian, with influences undeniably Asian, Silkari is an exquisite blend of cultures and a remarkable fusion that exists nowhere else.

    Once experienced, guests and residents will know that Silkari is exquisite. Silkari is convivial. Silkari is versatile. Silkari feels familiar and yet refreshing.


    Silkari Hotels is an innovative Australian hotel brand that proudly weaves the best of the East and West in culture and design to create a new hotel style and standard.

    The story of Silkari Hotels begins with a single strand of wild silk, carefully woven into threads and bound to create a luxurious fabric. Expertly formed with a hand-crafted finish, silk is the most extraordinary of materials, catching the light as it drapes and folds. It is a fabric that since the ancient era, has united east and west through its versatility, beauty and strength.

    These are the guiding principles at Silkari Hotels; to weave the extraordinary. In our hotels, we work together with some of the country’s most notable designers and architects to create accommodation experiences that are without parallel.

    Silkari envelops an experience and renders it extraordinary, through exquisite design, excellent service and a richness of cultural diversity. Once experienced you will know that Silkari Hotels are exquisite, convivial, and versatile. Curating the exceptional is the focus of our team.


    Visionary Investment Group partners with specialist property sales teams, including Australian-Chinese specialists The Property Gallery, in order to gain the best possible results for its visionary projects. This fusion of the very best sales agencies for each project, allows Visionary Investment Group’s (VIG) developments the ability to achieve extraordinary results and returns for investors.


    The Property Gallery is a leading full-service real estate agency, based in Sydney, Australia. The committed team has successfully marketed a number of large Australian developments, including VIG’s Australian residential, commercial and hotel projects, through their extensive network of contacts, both locally and abroad.

    The committed team at The Property Gallery specialises in the Australian Chinese market and understand it better than any other team in the real estate industry. The multilingual team pride themselves on integrity, respect and professionalism.

    The Property Gallery enjoys collaboration and builds long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital and opportunities. The team tirelessly focuses on creating winning outcomes for both clients and shareholders and always strives towards excellence.

    The company serves real estate owners, investors and occupiers Australia-wide. The team offers strategic advice and execution for property sales and leasing; property appraisals and valuations, investment management; and research and consulting.